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Opacity # 1 is part of a series of performances conceived as extension of the piece Excelsior created by Salvo Lombardo and his group Chiasma in 2018, starting from a post-colonial transcription of the famous Italian ballet Gran Ballo Excelsior. The ballet created in 1881 celebrated the victory of Civilization against Obscurantism that forces peoples "in the darkness of the savage and the ignominy”. The original piece was placed in the precise cultural conception of the affirmation of the Italian national identity and its reference imagery. Today, after almost a 160 years, what survives in the contemporary cultures of that idea of ​​modernity? In reference to the construction of the Western ethnocentric narrations, the performance interrogates a series of representations of the body that reduce the "cultures of difference", determining fixed, extensive and universalistic meaning of the identities.

concept, choreography, direction Salvo Lombardo

performance | Daria Greco, Salvo Lombardo
music | Fabrizio Alviti

cultural advisor | Viviana Gravano
production | Chiasma 

with the support of | MIBAC - Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali 

co-production | Triangolo Scaleno Teatro - Festival Teatri di Vetro
in collaboration with | Versiliadanza; Spellbound Contemporary Ballet; ACS Abruzzo

duration | 30 minutes 

year | 2018