Salvo Lombardo | Chiasma - Rome, Lazio (Italy) |

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b-side is a composition of 4 audio visual and sound works that collect an archive of ordinary gestures gathered observing people on the streets. This process is connected to Salvo Lombardo’s Casual Bystanders project and offers new possibile links and a wider playground to the same research by 4 different kind of documentations: Casual Archive, a video opera, Quick Response Archive, a visual atlas of QR Code, the interactive sound installation React and the live performance Listen and Repeat. 


idea and direction | Salvo Lombardo

development and set-up | Isabella Gaffè e Salvo Lombardo 
performance | Lucia Cammalleri, Daria Greco, Salvo Lombardo
video shoot & post production | Isabella Gaffè 
graphic processing | Carolina Farina

sound design | Fabrizio Alviti
production | Chiasma - Azioni e Manufatti d'Arte
duration | loop

year | 2016