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reappearances is an interactive video installation producted within the Oriente Occidente Festival specifically for the Mart - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto. The work, conceived for a fruition with the system of augmented reality, aims to activate a participative dynamic with the local community of Rovereto and visitors of the Museum. The core of work is an artistic exploration of emotional memory systems, and in particular the possible connections between episodic memory, gesture memory, and biographies. The intent is to articulate a mapping of oral narratives, movements and gestures that trace a constellation of micro-storytelling that gradually expand to a wider narrative. The goal is the composition of a choral "fresco" that arouses the story of a community at this historic moment. The creation of the work was preceded by various gathering moments through the open workshop mode of the workshop and through interviews with Mart's occasional visitors.


idea and direction | Salvo Lombardo
video shoot & post production | Isabella Gaffè 
Interaction designer & creative coder | Giulio Pernice 
graphic | Massimiliano Di Franca 
with the participation of Lucrezia Borsaro, Giuseppe Calì, Cristina Codecà, Donatella Cont, Tiziana Cumer, Leonardo Delfanti, Silvia Fassan, Livia Lepri, Mariluce Ojan, Giorgia Sossass, Giovanna Zanchetta 
co-production | Chiasma, Festival Oriente Occidente e Mart 

year | 2017