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derivazione n.*

derivazione n.* is conceived as a cycle of urban and site-specific actions that are developed in different cities. 

The realization of the performances is based on a serie of workshops in which participants are invited through a public call. The performances are generated from a sharing of a system of motion memories borrowed from some sporting disciplines through an appropriation process; therefore the action has always “derivative” nature and draws on a system of sharable, accessible and replicable somatic practices. Each participant is required to develop a personal choreographic composition to build an action that brings physicality into the public space, where more and more the bodies are disintegrated rather than in connection with each other.

idea and coaching | Salvo Lombardo
performers | workshop participants
workshop duration | 6 days (4 hours for day)
performance duration | loop

production and organization | Chiasma

with the support of MIBAC - Ministero per i Beni e le Attività culturali