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casual bystanders

casual bystanders

casual bystanders is based on a choreographic pattern representing a corpus of gestures “not-extraordinary” proceeding from kinetic and verbal fragments of the casual bystanders, common people observed in public places. Salvo Lombardo, between the 2014 and 2015, has been observing and writing into a series of notebooks progressively numbered, which compose his personal archive of movement.

The contexts where this material was collected are the most various places:  squares, streets, shops, libraries, museums, stadiums, subways, railways and metro stations in Rome and in other Italian cities.

Simultaneously the research created an archive of sounds that is going to be overlapped in parts of Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps, a piece by the composer of “concrete music” Luc Ferrari, created from sounds fixed during a climb on the plateau Causse Mejean in France.


concept, choreography, direction : Salvo Lombardo

performance : Lucia Cammalleri, Daria Greco, Salvo Lombardo

video / lighting design : Luca Brinchi, Maria Elena Fusacchia

sound overlaying : Salvo Lombardo on music by Luc Ferrari

sound design : Fabrizio Alviti

photo : Carolina Farina

coproduction : Fabbrica Europa (Firenze), Kilowatt Festival (Sansepolcro), Festival Oriente Occidente (Rovereto)

support : Anghiari Dance Hub (Anghiari)

collaboration: Inteatro Festival (Polverigi); DiD Studio/Danae Festival (Milano); Teatro Spazio Electa/ACS Abruzzo (Teramo); Villaggio d’Artista (Verbnia); Verdecoprente Residenze (Umbria); Centro di Palmetta (Terni); [Non] Museo (Cesena)

selected by : CID Cantieri / Oriente Occidente; Movin’Up_GAI

duration : 40 minutes

year | 2016