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twister is a brand new co-production of Fabbrica Europa Festival and Aura Dance Theatre that combines the work of Salvo Lombardo (Rome) and the international performers (from Italy, China, Russia, Lithuania, Spain), based in Lithuania. This work is built around the Twister game that, in a completely cross-generational and cross-cultural way, has developed an excuse for many generations to revisit the concept of physicality and proximity to others. The performance questions the concepts of “emotional archive” and conceive the body as a relational territory using the choreographic language as a glue for the social experience. This leads to the formation of a temporary community where bodies are an extension of human relationships, social dynamics and the life experiences of each performer. Salvo Lombardo, starting with a series of Twister games between two groups, has created a choreography based on connections and micro-narrations deductible from that experience. This favors a share of performer’s personal memories, both motor and biographical. 

idea, choreography and direction | Salvo Lombardo
optimisation | Lucia Cammalleri and Daria Greco
performers | Lucia Cammalleri, Mei Chen, Abel Hernández González, Daria Greco, Oksana Griaznova, Evgenii Kalachev
sound design | Fabrizio Alviti
light design | Luca Giovagnoli
costume design | Kristina Sviderskaitė
organisation | Eglė Marčiulaitytė
production | Fabbrica Europa Festival (Florence), Aura Dance Theatre (Kaunas)
with the support of Anghiari Dance Hub, Kilowatt Festival, Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea
production coordination | Giedrė Bagdžiūnaitė
thanks for the collaboration to Lithuanian Culture Institute, Consolato Onorario della Repubblica di Lituania

duration | 40 minutes

year 2017